Enduring Criticisms

Ever felt so much in pain because of criticisms, especially from people you care the most? Ever felt a pinch in your heart or a heaviness on your chest and you only have tears but no more words left?

I am in that situation. Realizing how much people I love and care for don’t see my value just as how I see theirs, I feel so broken. I honestly lost the strength to face life’s challenges thinking that the people who should have been my source of strength are the same people who make me doubt myself and my capabilities.

How far can I still go? I have always asked that question to myself. I don’t know. All I could do is pray and believe that there is a God who listens.

I am reminding myself that God has empowered me, that God sees my worth, that God loves me.

When people tell me that I am ugly, dumb, incapable, and all other condescending remarks, especially if these people whose opinions I value, how would I continue? I have my own dreams, my own grand ambitions, and I have never really felt they support me and because of this, I am just struggling with the thought of throwing everything away.

Today, I just soaked myself in listening to Casting Crowns’ Voice of Truth.

To face a harsh world is already something, how much more if the harshness comes from your loved ones?

It’s been years that this has been my situation and I am tired. My heart is indeed tired. Lord, help me listen to the voice of truth.

To my readers, please pray for me. I would really appreciate it.


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