Trash Talked at a Video Game and I Feel so Bad About It

Lately, I’ve been hooked into this Mobile Legends game. Whenever I feel stressed on something such as school or work stuff, I play Mobile Legends. Whenever I just wanna enjoy some time, I go to the Mobile Legends app and play one game or sometimes, more.

It’s my way to bond with my friends and siblings. I am happy whenever our team win the game, and am even happier whenever I am the MVP.

However, there are a lot of times that I feel so depressed with it. That’s whenever I make the wrong moves, or sometimes, it’s not totally wrong; it’s just that my team mates don’t like how I play. And during these times, they would call me at and say “bobo” (dumb) or “tanga” (stupid).

I know for a fact that trash talking exist in the social media world, more so in the video gaming realm. It’s something so normal for people, to tell others how worthless they are.

Many times it even goes to the point of being told by your team mates, “Sana mamatay na tatay mo” (I hope you’re dad will die).

One time, I was very sad and my negative thoughts were already wearing me down. I felt useless and hopeless. I felt my I am unimportant and I just want to disappear.

I wanted to calm down myself and decided to just play. But during the game, my team mates were telling me that I am “bobo” and “tanga.”

I couldn’t hold it any longer. I replied in the game chat that I was suicidal, and please, I was begging them, to stop the trash talking. And all the more that they did.

All the more did they tell me that I was “bobo” and “tanga.” I pleaded for many times, and explained that I was really feeling down and all the more that they only insisted that I was dumb and stupid and was overacting when I said I was suicidal.

After that, they reported my account to Moonton and Moonton banned me from using the in-game chat function.

I hate how the game that helps me relieves my stress and worries is the same game that just worsens how I feel. Can I not play an online game without these trash talking?

When can video gaming be a safe place especially for those who are depressed and are only looking for a temporary escape?

When can netizens, including gamers, be responsible enough on what they post? Don’t they ever realized that they could just end someone’s life with their words?

When will video game companies be able to strictly monitor and penalize gamers who cyberbully and verbally abuse other players?


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