Finding Hope Amid this COVID-19 Pandemic

Travel plans were cancelled. Meet up with friends were put on hold. Family get togethers are no longer pushed through. So many plans have been thwarted, trashed, by this pandemic.

And it is hard, seriously hard. Seeing news about increasing cases of people who contracted the virus, dying, if not fighting for their lives.

Businesses shut down, ordinary people were laid off from their jobs despite they have mouths to feed.

And for those who have depression and have just only seen a slight motivation to pursue their dreams, only for that drive to come to an end because this pandemic did not allow it to happen, it sucks.

It could be a sport you just have thought you might want to get into, or a project you want to build. It could be going to school or looking for a new work. Or it could be visiting your loved ones, reuniting with your families across oceans.

All of these were gone for the mean time. How awful it could get for those who lost people dear to them.

Dear, there is still hope. It may be hard to see this time, but there is. This is something I am constantly telling myself amid everything that is happening.

It hurts but one thing is for sure: This virus will come to an end.

God will save His people. A vaccine will someday be made available. A cure could someday be found.

God holds tomorrow, so keep holding on to Him. And surviving this pandemic means there is still something to look forward to.

The dreams that were planted in our hearts would eventually turn into reality. There is hope, and for now, all we could do is pray.

We can also find something else to work on. Read books, browse the net. Call your friends and family.

Make sure to find something worthwhile amid this chaos.

And find your peace in Him amid the storm.

When the oceans rise and thunders roar, I will soar with you above the storm. Father, You are King over the flood, I will be still and know You are God.

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