Sometimes, You Just Really Have to Leave

Often times, we expect the people we love to understand us, and to be there for us especially in our rough times.

We count on our friends and family, the latter as people say, “blood is thicker than water.”

But we have to face it, not all the time they can understand us. Moreso, there would even be times that they are the ones causing us to feel depressed.

They blame it on us how things could be messing up in our lives even if they are the greatest factor to our distress. And fighting back will only result in more emotional impact to us, because we would all the more realize that we are alone. And all the more we hear them say negative things about us, the more we will feel unloved, causing us to really lose appreciation of life.

As a Christian, it is definitely giving us guilt to walk away from people, especially that the Bible tells us to allow our other cheek to be slapped when hit on one. We must be able to forgive not just seven times but 77 times, which could be translated as infinetely as well.

We should be the bearers of God’s love, the love that is willing to give His one and only Son to die on the cross for the redemption of those who do not even deserve it.

But sometimes, you just have to accept it, that you must just leave. Yes, even your own family, if it is already so toxic for you.

Leaving them does not mean totally abandoning them. You can still love them from a distance and give all the help you can give them. However, you just need to create that wall so that they won’t anymore be able to hurt you that much.

It could mean moving out of your family’s residence or not talking to them for the mean time.

When it comes to friends, the same rule applies. If you think that the friendship is bringing out the worst in you than the good, then create some space.

You can still be there for people without making yourself so vulnerable. But in order for you to do that, you have to leave.

And there’s nothing wrong in wanting to preserve your mental health because a bad one will just create a more bad experience for those around you.

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