Enduring Depression During Quarantine

Governments of different countries around the world have already ordered a lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19.

For normal people, this is already something. It’s hard not to be able to do the things you are usually doing such as dining in restaurants, strolling at the park, going to the cinema with friends, attending classes, and many more.

How about for those who are just on their way of recovering from depression and have just started becoming normal again, only to be quarantined inside the house, with the same people everyday?

It’s hard, right? But I think this could also be an opportunity to reflect on things and bond with your family members, the first group of people you should be sharing your life with.

How about those who live alone? Thanks to the Internet, you can do Skype with your loved ones, who I supposed are also staying in their homes, unless they are working for the essential sectors, or are considered as frontlines.

If they are, this quarantine season is also your chance to pray for them more often.

Meanwhile, you can also use this quarantine season to learn new things. Learn a new language, draw or paint, be creative with the food you cook everyday, write a book, a poem, or a blog.

There are still a lot of things that you can do despite that you cannot go out of your house. Be productive and proactive.

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