I am so Unstable: Can I still do something great?

Your emotions could be fluctuating, thus, your momentum in doing things is hard to be sustained. In these instance, you begin to question if there is still something great you can do, or this depression would just really paralyze you and you simply have to accept that you are not meant for greater things?

Well, here is the thing: No matter how emotionally unstable you are, you can still always create a good future for yourself.

Having depression is no different from others who have their sicknesses and weaknesses. It’s just that while depression could be a kryptonite, you have to find the areas where your passion is, or where you are good at, and that is where you will thrive.

Many times, God has implanted these desires in our hearts. Sometimes, they are just buried there, which you have to discover. And once you discover these, the momentum would not be that so hard to maintain because everything will become so natural. And there could even be times wherein your depression could play a big part to make things going.

An example of this is becoming a poet, or a song writer, or a painter. No matter how emotionally unstable you are right now, you can use those emotions to write a beautiful poem or lyrics or to move your hands to create a lovely painting.

Emotion is one thing but that is not your whole being. You can use your emotions, even if they are unstable. Just don’t let your emotions use you, and that is an art you have to learn.

You are destined to do something great. What is that something great?

You just have to ask God to reveal it to you.

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