God Uses Broken People

In your despair, you might be wondering if God has still has a plan for you, more so, if He can still make use of you to impact the lives of others.

As impossible as it may seem, the answer is YES. He can. And He will. Only if you are willing.

I have been battling tough with depression, but amidst this, I kept praying to God to show me a reason to live, to use me for His glory.

And just as I was praying for that, a stranger I came across in the mall opened up to me about her deep, personal problems.

It was a time I have been losing hope for myself, but here is a stranger in front of me, confiding to me her issues even if she does not know me.

And to my surprise, I responded to her that God is a faithful God, encouraging her with words from the Bible.

We exchanged contact details, and her confiding to me continued. I offered to meet her to pray for her, and she said yes.

We met, had coffee. And later on, she was already asking me how to become a Christian, how to listen to God, and other matters about faith.

And this is a testimony that God can use broken people. And He really does use broken people.

And it is in encouraging others that I also find healing for myself, because I see how nothing is impossible with God and that He is faithfully working in and through those who are earnestly seeking to be used by Him.

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