I’m taking anti-depressants and I feel emotionally detached

While taking anti-depressants have helped me cope up with my depressive and suicidal thoughts, I realized that I also became emotionally detached.

I cannot say I’m really happy despite that I do laugh when there’s something funny. I do smile to people. But deep inside, I feel nothing. I’m like in a bubble, floating.

I also forgot the feeling of being in love. I see no man anymore as attractive. I no longer experience having a crush on someone, or that feeling of having butterflies in the stomach.

I made a Google search and I found this article: Can SSRIs make you fall out of love?

SSRIs work by raising your levels of serotonin, but they also lower levels of dopamine. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for all those feel-good emotions you get when you fall in love. When dopamine levels drop and those feelings disappear you may mistakenly believe that your love has also disappeared.

And this is what exactly I am experiencing.

On another hand, I realized that it could also be good that there are no too much emotions right now.

It’s a time we could pray, talk to God, without really relying so much on our feelings. We could reach out to Him, not because we feel good or we feel bad, that we feel we want to thank Him or we want to cry out to Him, but because it is purely out of faith, and not our feelings.

We could also make the most out of this situation by making decisions based on logic and values. We could choose the people we will decide to love and be with, not because of our feelings for them but because we know that it is right to be with them.

We can take a look at things without our hearts getting in the way.

It is not really good to be emotionally detached but somehow, sometimes, it could be useful too, especially when we want to do what is right.

After all, the Bible also says that “the heart is deceitful above all things. Who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9)

Since it is less of emotions this time, we can ask God more to help us heed to the leading of the Holy Spirit without our feelings overpowering us.

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