I’m Depressed, but Please Don’t Tell Me You’ll Pray for Me

I knew it. I know that God is my healer, He is Jehovah Rapha, He is a miracle maker.

I know nothing is impossible with Him. I know that He hears our prayers and that He answers.

But please, when I tell you I am depressed, don’t respond that you’re gonna pray for me. I know you mean well when you say that, but keep it to yourself. Thank you if you’re gonna really include me in your prayers. But it’s the last thing I would want to hear from you.

Why am I saying this?

Oftentimes, saying that you’re gonna pray for a depressed person does not really work. A depressed person needs your help, an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean and cry on, a heart that does not judge, an open mind, a solution.

Don’t say that it only takes faith and it’s gonna be alright in the end. Sometimes, even the strongest Christian tends to question his or her faith when depression strikes.

Be the answered prayer in the midst of the suffering. Try to help, not just by offering prayers, but to really go out of your way to help.

Something that has really made me grateful in the midst of depression is that my friends did not just say they’re gonna pray for me. They made time to take me to a psychologist, to wait for me until the session finishes, to be there for me as we go window shopping, to listen to my stories and to offer advice.

They ask me everyday how I am, ask me out, invite me to new possible hobbies.

Prayer is one thing, but showing that you really care is another, and that helps the depressed person in realizing that he or she is still blessed.

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