I’m depressed. Should I take a leave from work and/or school?

Rest. That is necessary. In everything you do, you need to give yourself a rest, regardless what that may be. Otherwise, your exhaustion may also be the reason for your depression.

But of course as an employee, you could not afford to take a leave for a long time, unless you go sabattical and consume all your savings. As a student, you cannot also take a break in the middle of the school year or else you’d be left behind and get a failing grade due to absence.

So what now? If you can take a break for a week at work, go. However, don’t make it too long, because when you have spent all your money, financial problem would only worsen the depression. And so do failing grades or not being able to graduate for students could also make you more depressed.

Rest does not necessarily mean staying on bed the whole day, doing nothing. Rest, first and foremost, is something you find in God.

When you pause from listening to all these world’s noises, when you withdraw from everyone and choose to pray and ask God to talk to you, that is rest, because your spirit finds peace in Him.

Rest, on the other hand, could just mean resting yourself from the routine and shifting focus to your hobbies. It could be a skill that you want to develop or a sport you want to master. It may be cooking your favorite dish, painting the scenery you have in mind, crocheting or cross stitching, whatever.

It may be a good time to enroll yourself in some workshops or do volunteer works. It may be just simply visiting orphanages or spending time with street kids, and realize that your life still has a purpose as you see the needs of others.

It could also mean spending time with your family, your loved ones, with those people who truly care for you.

Rest does not necessarily mean you have to be vacant because by doing so, you will only be more susceptible to the attacks of your depressive thoughts. Find and do something you love and watch yourself create beauty.

You can do it, especially with God, proper mental health treatment, and the right people to support you

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