I lost interest in a lot of things, even in church activities. What should I do?

One of the features of depression is that you lose interest in the things that interest you before.

You may find yourself quitting from your hobbies, may that be a sport, arts, or even going out with friends. You may also lose interest in going to church and hanging out with your church group, and you feel guilty about it.

After all, the Bible tells us not to give up meeting together, and that we should live by faith and not by sight.

You may even feel like a hypocrite for singing worship songs declaring God is our joy and hope, because you know that within you, you feel really down and hopeless and no Bible verse or worship song could uplift your spirit.

Worse, you just feel all the more shattered, because when you see other Christians, it seems they are very strong in their faith. And when they talk to you, it seems they don’t understand your struggle and all you hear is “I’ll pray for you.” And this causes you to drift away from them.

It’s okay to feel that way. It’s okay to pause for a while. God knows your heart and as the Bible says, He is close to the brokenhearted.

But all these feelings and reaction of yours are the reason it is necessary to seek for professional help. Better if you can find a Christian psychiatrist and/or psychologist. But if not, it’s still okay. Professional help is still professional help, and you are still a human being after all. As a Christian, you are set apart to be holy but it does not mean that you are not anymore a human being.

You still are, and just like any other human being, you need help, whether that is from a fellow believer or not.

Slowly, these therapy sessions would help you go back to the things you enjoyed before. Slowly, you will have the desire again to socialize.

As my psychologist has put it, you cannot go vacant for a long time because that will only allow your negative thoughts to consume you.

You have to do something. You have to realize your goals and objectives, including those for your spiritual life.

And the more you allow science to work wonders for you, thanks be to God, the more you can be able to materialize these goals for you, one step at a time.

You will begin to appreciate those Bible verses and worship songs again, and enjoy your fellowship with other Christians and have that courage and patience to share and make them understand what depression really is.

Depression is not a faith issue. It is a mental one. And it needs professional help to be resolved.

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