I am a Christian but I’m depressed. Is it a sin?

It could be common for depressed people to hear the words, “You should pray even more” or “Don’t allow Satan to win over you” or other some sort of lines implying that your depression has something to do with your spiritual life.

There are those “Christians” who think that that the reason you are depressed is that you fail to seek more of God, that you simply lack in prayers or that you have little faith and trust in God.

Because of this stigma, worse from fellow believers of God, depressed Christians ought to hide what they feel in fear that they would be judged in church and not seek for professional help.

What is depression? Here is a definition from the American Psychiatric Association:

Is depression a sin? The answer is a big NO. It is possible that a sin resulted in guilt or consequences that led to the depression but depression in itself is not a sin. And regardless what could have been the cause of that depression, you must seek medical help.

Depression is not the end of everything. You may feel a lot of times that you want to die, but God still has a great plan for you.

Seek psychiatric and/or psychological help. The existence of these is a blessing and just like any other sickness, you need a doctor to be healed. God uses doctors and medicine to bring healing to people.

Don’t feel guilty of being depressed. It may not be easy to believe that, especially when you heard a lot of judgment from your co-believers in the Christian faith, but for this moment, don’t let their judgment get into you.

God still wants to use you and someday, that depression will play a great role in your story of overcoming things, of overcoming the urge to die, and will be a story of inspiration to others who are in that situation.

Pray. Seek medical help. Live. Inspire.

Jesus loves you.

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